Movements September 1962

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 Soesterberg AB  03/09/1962 
 F-102A  USAF  32 FIS  61013 +sqe, 60977, 61032, 60996 +wooden-shoe motive, 61044 no sqe, 61027 no sqe, 61043, 60987   
 TF-102A  USAF  32 FIS  41366     526 FIS red/white/r/w tail (temp. assignment to 32 FIS)
 Hunter FMk6  RNethAF  325 Sq  N-284, N-213, N-234, N-276, N-265, N-272, N-268
 Harvard  RNethAF    B-194, B-132, B-21
 Fokker S-14  RNethAF    L-9, L-2, L-17
 F-27M  RNethAF  334 Sq  C-9 sqe, C-10 sqe   ;  PH-PBF
 Magister   WGAF    AA-180 


 Soesterberg AB  04/09/1962 
 F-102A   USAF  32 FIS  61014 +sqe+wooden-shoe motive, 61028 F102A 561028 SB04Sep62 Barendregt sm , 60977 +sqe+wooden-shoe motive, 61013 +sqe
 Hunter FMk6  RNethAF  325 Sq  N-249, N-289, N-213, N-234, N-260, N-204, N-285, N-216, N-265
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-302, N-308
 T-33A   RNethAF    M-25, M-14
 Harvard   RNethAF    B-21, B-194, B-183, B-75
 Fokker S-14   RNethAF    L-15, L-17
 F-86K   RNethAF    Q-325
 C-47D  USAF  50 TFW  O-76671 tail paint  50 TFW 
 Can.Sabre  RCAF    23657, 23499, 23595, 23587 
 F-105D  USAF  36 TFW  FH-480   (probably 60-0480 )


 Soesterberg AB  20/09/1962 
 F-102A    USAF  32 FIS  60996 +wooden-shoe motive , 61028   
 Hunter FMk6  RNethAF  325 Sq  N-284, N-205, N-265, N-276, N-238, N-271 no embl, N-216, N-250, N-249, N-212
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-316, N-317
 T-33A   RNethAF    M-5
 Harvard   RNethAF    B-132, B-183, B-104, B-156
 Fokker S-14   RNethAF    L-10 
 F-27M  RNethAF  334 Sq  C-10
 F-84F   RNethAF    P-209   sqn.emblem with blue & white
 F-102A   USAF  496 FIS  41385    black/yellow/black/yellow tail; and  61178    red/white/red/white tail (526 FIS , but officially assigned to 496th) 

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