Movements May 1961



 Soesterberg AB  01/05/1961
 T-33A  USAF  32 FIS  xxxx   red-white-blue tail
 C-130  USAF    xxxx


All  movements presented next,  were gained from official RNethAF documents ; the listing represents the cross-servicing (visiting) aircraft  - thanks to and researched by R. Breur


 Soesterberg AB  02/05/1961 
 Hunter FMk4  RNethAF    N-131
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-304
 Fokker S-14  RNethAF    L-16, L-2 



 Soesterberg AB  03/05/1961 
 Fokker S-14  RNethAF    L-3
 Harvard  RNethAF    B-179 



 Soesterberg AB  04/05/1961 
 Hunter FMk4    RNethAF    N-131
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-304
 T-33A  RNethAF    M-20


 Soesterberg AB  05/05/1961 
 T-33A  RNethAF    M-41 , M-39 



 Soesterberg AB  06/05/1961 
 Hunter FMk4  RNethAF    N-146
 Fokker S-14  RNethAF    L-2



 Soesterberg AB  08/05/1961 
 T-33A  RNethAF    M-41
 OH-23A  RNethAF    O-13



 Soesterberg AB  10/05/1961
 Hunter FMk6  RNethAF    N-221, N-223, N-287, N-246
 Fokker S-14  RNethAF    L-2
 Harvard  RNethAF    B-121
 Can.Sabre  RCAF    23507, 23588



 Soesterberg AB  15/05/1961 
 Hunter FMk4  RNethAF    N-170, N-179
 Fokker S-14  RNethAF    L-16
 F-86K  RNethAF    Q-301



 Soesterberg AB  16/05/1961 
 Hunter FMk6  RNethAF    N-263, N-214
 Fokker S-14  RNethAF    L-17
 F-86K  RNethAF    Q-299, Q-233, Q-255, Q-291, Q-329, Q-301, Q-200, Q-297, Q-333, Q-340, Q-249
 Can.Sabre  WGAF  JG 72  JB-104, JB-115
 MagisterF  WGAF  FFS-A  AA-293, AA-294



 Soesterberg AB  17/05/1961 
 Hunter FMk4  RNethAF    N-182, N-185, N-179, N-146
 Hunter FMk6  RNethAF    N-282, N-292
 F-86K  RNethAF    Q-337, Q-336, Q-325, Q-317, Q-310, Q-312
 Harvard  RNethAF    B-121
 T-33A  RNethAF    M-34
 Magister  WGAF  FFS-A  AA-282



 Soesterberg AB  18/05/1961 
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-314
 F-86K  RNethAF    Q-317, Q-337



 Soesterberg AB  23/05/1961 
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-320
 Fokker S-14  RNethAF    L-17
T-33A  RNethAF   M-20



 Soesterberg AB  24/05/1961 
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-311
 F-86K  RNethAF    Q-337
 T-33A  RNethAF    M-35



 Soesterberg AB  25/05/1961 
 Hunter FMk4  RNethAF    N-146
 Fokker S-14  RNethAF    L-17, L-11



 Soesterberg AB  26/05/1961 
 Hunter FMk4  RNethAF    N-176
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-320
 Harvard  RNethAF    B-21
 U-1A  USArmy    53314



 Soesterberg AB  29/05/1961 
 Hunter FMk4  RNethAF    N-103
 Magister  WGAF  FSS-A  AA-280
 F-86K  RNowAF    SI-E



 Soesterberg AB  30/05/1961 
 Hunter FMk4  RNethAF    N-182
 T-33A  RNethAF    M-37
 Magister  WGAF  FSS-A  AA-012, AA-108, AA-182, AA-102



 Soesterberg AB  31/05/1961 
 Hunter FMk4  RNethAF    N-169
 T-33A  RNethAF    M-20, M-4
 F-86K  FrenchAF    13-SP, 13-SZ

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