Movements June 1964



Soesterberg AB 01/06/1964 
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-202, N-266, N-268, N-276, N-219
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-305, N-301
T-33A   USAF 32 FIS O-29833
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-18
UC-45J RNethNavy   084   V
F-104G RNethAF   D-8053
C-124C USAF 63 TCW O-30028   unit ?



Soesterberg AB 03/06/1964            credit :  B.Faasse
F-102A  USAF 32 FIS 61014, 61027, 60982, 53454, 61029, 61002, 53445, 53456, 60986, 61028, 61013, 60996
TF-102A  USAF 32 FIS 41370
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF 325 Sq N-283, N-262, N-282, N-252, N-216, N-202, N-213, N-270, N-277, N-280, N-279, N-201
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-305, N-312, N-306
T-33A USAF 32 FIS O-29833
T-33A RNethAF   M-1, M-41, M-56
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-15, L-18
U-6A RNethAF   S-5
U-7B RNethAF   R-160, R-164, R-126
Harvard RNethAF   B-158, B-183, B-111, B-164
H-23B RNethAF   O-7, O-30
F-104G WGAF   DA-306
F-104G WGAF   KG-302



Soesterberg AB 04/06/1964 
F-102A  USAF 32 FIS 61014, 61029, 60986, 61013, 60996, 60985, 53454
TF-102A  USAF 32 FIS O-41363
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF 325 Sq N-213, N-264, N-219, N-266, N-276, N-283, N-270, N-280, N-268, N-220, N-252, N-277
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-301, N-304, N-307
T-33A RNethAF   M-16, M-53, M-54
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-18
Hunter FMk51 RDanAF 724 Sq E-423
Hunter TMk53 RDanAF   ET-272 
Sabre Mk6 WGAF WS 10 BB-267, BB-268
C-124C USAF 63 TCW O-00094
F-101 USAF   ......    unit ?


Soesterberg AB 08/06/1964 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 60977, 61014, 60982, 61028, 53447, 60980, 61013, 60987, 60993, 53444, 53445
TF-102A  USAF 32 FIS 41370, O-41363
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-282, N-277, N-219, N-271, N-279, N-252, N-202, N-268, N-213
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-301, N-303
T-33A  USAF 32 FIS 34958, O-29833
T-33A  RNethAF   M-49, M-9
Harvard  RNethAF   B-183
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-18


Soesterberg AB 09/06/1964 
Canberra PR7 RAF 80 Sq WT530


Soesterberg AB 10/06/1964 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 53444, 60993, 60987, 61028, 61027, 61014, 60985, 53454, 53445, 60996, 60977, 61029, 60982
TF-102A  USAF 32 FIS 41370
Hunter FMk6   RNethAF 325 Sq N-274, N-262, N-276, N-212, N-202, N-219, N-270, N-282, N-264, N-209, N-277, N-279, N-252, N-220
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-305, N-303, N-307, N-304, N-312
T-33A USAF 32 FIS O-29833
T-33A RNethAF   M-28, M-53, M-49, M-29
Harvard  RNethAF   B-8, B-169, B-183, B-158, B-159, B-19
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-14, L-19, L-17
H-23B RNethAF   O-8
F-84F RNethAF   P-121, P-103


Soesterberg AB 12/06/1964 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 60982, 61013, 61029, 61028, 61027, 53444, 53445, 53447
TF-102A USAF 32 FIS O-41363
Hunter FMk6   RNethAF 325 Sq N-201 325 sqe, N-266, N-282, N-270, N-279, N-252, N-273, N-277, N-209
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-305, N-302, N-304, N-307
Harvard  RNethAF   B-183, B-158
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-14, L-20, L-19
U-6A RNethAF   S-3
H-23B RNethAF   O-22, O-32
F-27M RNethAF 334 Sq C-6
Anson RAF   TX154 


Soesterberg AB 18/06/1964             credit :    + B.Faasse
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-266, N-268, N-219, N-277, N-202, N-216, N-270, N-274, N-276, N-252, N-280
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-301, N-307, N-312, N-304
T-33A  USAF 32 FIS O-34958
T-33A  RNethAF   M-42, M-58, M-45
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-14
Harvard  RNethAF   B-169, B-8, B-104, B-183
F-84F   RNethAF   P-186
F-86K  RNethAF   Q-273
P-2H  RNethNavy   206   V
T-29A  USAF 7030 CSW O-91941   dayglow 
C-124C USAF 1607 TCW O-21037 
F-104G WGAF   DA-372
HH-43B USAF   xxxx


Soesterberg AB 19/06/1964 
F-102A  USAF 32 FIS 61013 (IR), 53447, 60987 ; and 60975 (IR) (red/white/blue airbrake, new delivery to 32nd)
TF-102A  USAF 32 FIS 41370, O-41363
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-301
T-33A RNethAF   M-33, M-25, M-19, M-51, M-55
Harvard  RNethAF   B-158
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-14, L-20
U-7B  RNethAF   R-134, R-126
Alouette 2 RNethAF   H-5
F-27M RNethAF   C-10, C-8   ;    PH-PBF
T-29B USAF 7101 ABW O-15169     no dayglow
C-124C USAF 1607 TCW O-21037


Soesterberg AB 23/06/1964 
F-102A  USAF 32 FIS 60980 (IR), 60993 (IR), 53447 (IR), 60987 (IR), 61028 (IR), 53454 (IR), 61014 (IR), 60975 (IR), 60986 (IR)   all grey tail, red/white/blue airbrake ; 60996 (IR), 60982 (IR), 61013 (IR), 53445 (IR), 53444 (IR)    all, allover grey
TF-102A  USAF 32 FIS O-41363 (IR)   grey tail, red/white/blue airbrake
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF 325 Sq N-274, N-264, N-220, N-252  325 sqe, N-280, N-283    325 sqe, N-268, N-213, N-262, N-273, N-257 ( 325 sqe), N-219, N-276, N-209
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-303
T-33A  RNethAF   M-25
Harvard  RNethAF   B-84, B-19, B-183, B-168 ;  and  B-158 
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-20, L-19, L-17
U-7B  RNethAF   R-107, R-173, R-172, R-126
F-86K RNethAF   Q-323 (ZX-7)(700 sqe), Q-273 ( 700 sqe), Q-246 (700 sqe), Q-350, Q-877 (701 sqe)    all towed to the scrapyard


Soesterberg AB 24/06/1964 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 60986, 60982, 60996, 60977, 60975, 61013, 61028, 60980, 60987, 53454, 53447, 53445
TF-102A   USAF 32 FIS 41370, O-41363
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-257, N-264, N-279, N-280, N-283, N-219, N-220, N-270, N-209, N-274, N-268, N-213, N-201, N-262, N-277
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-301, N-306
RT-33A  RNethAF   M-103
Harvard  RNethAF   B-57, B-158, B-183, B-168
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-14, L-17
U-7B  RNethAF   R-172, R-176, R-126, R-111, R-207
Alouette 2 RNethAF   H-4
H-23B RNethAF   O-7
F-27M RNethAF   C-1  ;   PH-PBF
T-33AN  RCAF   21648 
C-47 USNavy   12435   West-Malling no dayglow


Soesterberg AB 25/06/1964                 credit :    + B.Faasse
F-102A  USAF 32 FIS 60977, 60986, 60975, 53447, 53444, 61013, 60996, 53454, 53445
TF-102A   USAF 32 FIS 41370, O-41363
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF 325 Sq N-280, N-219, N-283, N-271, N-257, N-270, N-264, N-279, N-213, N-201, N-220
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-303, N-302, N-301
T-33A  USAF 32 FIS O-34958
T-33A  RNethAF   M-35, M-44, M-28, M-26
Harvard  RNethAF   B-72, B-175, B-158
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-20, L-19
U-6A RNethAF   S-4, S-7
U-7B  RNethAF   R-153, R-210, R-204, R-134, R-122, R-158, R-111, R-172
Alouette 2 RNethAF   H-6
F-27M RNethAF 334 Sq C-8
F-84F RNethAF   P-146
F-104G  RNethAF   D-8022
TF-104G RNethAF   D-5805
Piaggio WGAF   BF-415,  BF-416
T-29A USAF 7030 CSW O-00190 no dayglow 17 AF
C-124C USAF 1607 TCW O-21012     with sqn embl


Soesterberg AB 30/06/1964
F-102A USAF 32 FIS aircraft seen during base-visit : 60975 and 60993 (993 for the first time seen with sqn.emblem)
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF 325 Sq N-252, N-209, N-220, N-262, N-276
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-312, N-301, N-302, N-305, N-306
T-33A USAF 32 FIS O-29833
T-33A RNethAF   M-40
Harvard  RNethAF   B-158, B-67 cammy, B-169, B-176
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-19, L-13
U-7B  RNethAF   R-181, R-126, R-138
H-23B RNethAF   O-6, O-25
ET-29C USA FAA N28     (52-1096)
Pembroke  WGAF   BF-562
RF-84F  WGAF AKG-51 EA-348, EA-347, EA-305, EA-304    (EA-305 towed into hangar)
Hunter RDanAF   E-403, E-408, E-428, E-424, E-427, E-409    on rotation
C-130E USAF 1611 TCW 37817     MATS 
F-105D USAF 49 TFW 10153, 00517 


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