Movements June 1957

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Soesterberg AB 03/06/1957
F-100F USAF   63730 "Spirit of StLouis II"  from Trans Atlantic flight and prior to delivery to 20 FBW, RAF Wethersfield, UK F100F 563730 SB03Jun57 NIMHphoto



Soesterberg AB 10/06/1957
Soesterberg was supporting airbase for the 6th ILSY Airshow at Ypenburg AB, Neth  (07Jun-10Jun) ;  the following aircraft took off from here :
F-100C USAF   xxxxx    4x   Skyblazers
Mystere FAF   xxxxx    4x    Patrouille de France
Sea Venom Royal Navy   WVxxx  "O"
F-86K RNethAF   ZX-5  and 3 others
CF-100 RCAF   xxxxx     4x
Meteor RNethAF   3W-1 , 3W-10 and two others


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