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Soesterberg AB 03/07/1958     PHOTOS   credit Nationaal Archief
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF   3W-12
F-86K RNethAF   6A-3
S-14 RNethAF   L-18
C-130A USAF 317 TCW  70455     
Caudron G3 FAF     "2531 SERGENT MILLOT" 
H-19B USAF 10 TRW 34458   with 10 TRW emblem  (10 TRW, LBR Detachment)



Soesterberg AB   05/07/1958           45th Anniversary RNethAF                       updated , thanks to J.Zwart 

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F-100C USAF 32 TFS 42015 ,  41901 , 41967 , 41985   all  with green stripes
F-100C USAF 36 TFW 41883 , 41915 , 41980 , 42007 , 42009          "Skyblazers"  aerobatic team   -  flying        
F-84F RNethAF   P-xxx             "Dash Four"  demo team
F-86K RNethAF   6A-3
Hawker Hunter RAF   xxxx        9 aircraft    "Black Arrows"   demo team
Hawker Hunter RBelgAF 111 Sq xxx    5 aircraft       "Rode Duivels"   demo team 
F-84F ItAF   xxxx   5 aircraft       "Diavoli  Rossi"    demo team
F-84F RNethAF   P-xxx              demonstrated the RATO take-off   PHOTO credit Nationaal Archief 
Gloster Meteor RNethAF   xxxx       fly-by by aircraft towing NATO flags  (underside was painted with yellow-black diagonal stripes) 
F-101C USAF 27 TFW 60027  blue tail 41454   red tail and white stars       
F-104B USAF AFFTC 71300,   71299 Fresh from Lockheed factory
H-19B USAF 10 TRW 34458
Vickers Valiant B1 RAF   XD864            flypast
Avro Vulcan B1 RAF   XH483            flypast 
Beverley C1 RAF   XB263   "K"          flypast  and also demonstrated the delivery of a Bristol Bloodhound 
Avro Lincoln B2 RAF   SX944
Super Mystere FAF   xxxx
Caudron G3 FAF   "2531 SERGENT MILLOT"                 
Breguet Taon FAF   c/n  001                    
Hiller H-13 RNethAF   xxxx                  flypast of   9 aircraft 
DHC-2 Beaver RNethAF   S-5
B-52 USAF   XX       flypast           On a direct flight from the USA)
KB-50 USAF   XX                  flypast with  F-100D ( see below) , F-101C  and B-66   
F-100D USAF 1 FDS/413 FDW 53781 and two others
KC-135A USAF 1001 ABW 53126 
C-130A USAF 317 TCW 70455
Spitfire     xxxx 
C-119G RBelgAF    three aircraft dropped 80 para troops    OT-CAT  CP-20
NHI  H-3 Kolibri     PH-xxx    demonstrated by Renee van Harten


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