Movements July 1953

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Soesterberg AB   01/07/1953 
      40 jaar  L.S.K. 



Soesterberg AB   08/07/1953 
      the new Control Tower in use 



Soesterberg AB   16/07/1953 
Meteor  RNethAF 328 Sqn 8S-12 crashed near pool in Bilthoven



Soesterberg AB  

18/07/1953    Airshow  40th anniversary RNethAF   source : partially "Scramble" / reporter P.Stroobach             PHOTOS              article FLIGHT 24 July 1953            

F-86 USAF   xxx
C-119C USAF 60 TCW 264, 268  (probably 51-8264 and -8268)
C-47  ? AF   x
Piper Cubs RNethAF   14 yellow aircraft   flypass with the national flags of the NATO countries
Harvard RNethAF   26 yellow aircraft in a "40"  formation flypass 
gliders Neth   4x
Harvard RNethAF   x  group of aircraft  with red-white-blue nose    aerobatics
Tiger Moth RNethAF   A-17 , A-21 , A-25
Percival Provost     x    flown by R.G. Wheldon
Saab Safir     
Pembroke      x    flown by J.F. Arnold
MS Fleuret      x
Fokker S.11  RNeth    x   yellow, flown by Capt. Sonderman
Sea Furies  RNethNavy   x   with orange cowlings
F-84G  RNethAF   8T-5 , 8T-12 , TC-6 , TB-24    demo team    red-tip-tanked  aircraft
Meteor Mk.8  RNethAF   7E-5 , 7E-3 , and ? , and ?    "Ruiten Vier" demo team     red-and-white diamond trimmed 
Caudron  FAF   x
SuperConstellation  Neth KLM x
Sikorsky S-51  RNethNavy   8-1   "Jezebel"  
SO 1220 Djin  France   x
Hiller  RoyalNavy   x
S55/Whirlwind  RoyalNavy    xxx
Supermarine Attacker   RoyalNavy    x     5 aircraft
Skyraider  RoyalNavy   x     4 aircraft
Seahawks  RoyalNavy 806 Sqn  x     "Ace of Diamonds" aerobatic team
Meteor Mk8  RBelgAF   x     4 aircraft  aerobatic team 
F-84G  Italian AF   x     4 aircraft  aerobatic team
F-84G  RDanAF   x     various aircraft flown with various armament loads
C-47  RNethAF   x     2 aircraft  dropping para-troopers             from these C-47s and the 5 C-119Fs in total 240 troops
C-119F  RBelgAF 15W / 20 Sm  x     OT-CAC  (CP-3   51-2694)  , plus 4 others    dropping para-troopers  
KC-97  USAF   x     flight of 4 aircraft
Ouragan  FAF   144 , 125 , 147       3 aircraft aerobatic demo
Canberra  RAF   3 flights of 4 aircraft, of which one group of 4 landed 
Venom  RAF   x   2nd ATAF     demo
Gloster Javelin RAF   x
Vickers Swift RAF   x
B-50  USAF   x   one aircraft, based in UK
B-36  USAF   xxx
B-47  USAF   x       15 aircraft in a flypass 
Hunter P1067 RAF   WT555   with pilot Neville Duke , later on a supersonic flight (no bang heard) and in between the mass-fly-pass of F-84Gs a supersonic dive (with bang) was executed
Vampire FB9 RAF   WR149  and others , demo and formation landing
Mystere FAF   x
mass fly pass     of a total of 275 aircraft , of which 76 Meteors , F-84Gs and Sabres, RCAF Sabres and RAF Venoms from 2nd ATAF



Soesterberg AB   19/07/1953 
Hunter P1067  RAF   WT555 left for Dunsfold
Gemini RAF   x


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