Movements April 1964

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Soesterberg AB 02/04/1964 
F-102A   USAF 32 FIS 60996, 61013, 61006, 61042, 53418, 53456, 53445, 53444
C-124C   USAF 63 TCW O-15205
scrapyard :  RNethAF   Meteor     I-7  ,   I-20   Fokker S-14      L-6


Soesterberg AB 06/04/1964 
F-102A      USAF 32 FIS 61013, 61042, 61006, 60996 F102A 560996 SB06Apr64 BFaasse1b , 60982, 60987, 53411, 53444, 53438, 53445
TF-102A  USAF 32 FIS 41370
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-213, N-262, N-266    325 sqe, N-282   325 sqe, N-274, N-212, N-264, N-270, N-271, N-262, N-279, N-276, N-277, N-216, N-220, N-219
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-302, N-304, N-312
T-33A   USAF 32 FIS O-35035
T-33A              RNethAF   M-40, M-34, M-28, M-27
Harvard  RNethAF   B-184
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-17, L-16, L-18
U-6A RNethAF   S-7
U-7B  RNethAF   R-204, R-162, R-126, R-103, R-171
H-23B RNethAF   O-23, O-15, O-29, O-36, O-9 ,  O-11
F-84F  RNethAF   P-121
Noratlas WGAF   AS-589
C-124C    USAF 63 TCW O-21038


Soesterberg AB 07/04/1964 
F-102A  USAF 32 FIS 61014, 61029, 60996, 53456, 61002, 61042, 61027, 61006, 53441, 53418, 53444, 61028, 60987
TF-102A   USAF 32 FIS 41370
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-204, N-216, N-262, N-271, N-277, N-274, N-222, N-279, N-266, N-252, N-219, N-220, N-264, N-213, N-276, N-283, N-212, N-270
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-302, N-312, N-304
T-33A RNethAF   M-56, M-35, M-34, M-33, M-28
Harvard  RNethAF   B-116, B-183, B-64, B-184
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-15
U-7B  RNethAF   R-156, R-134, R-126, R-122, R-172
Alouette 2 RNethAF   H-1
F-86K RNethAF   Q-305
Piaggio  WGAF   xxxx
T-39A USAF 7030 CSW 10684  T39A 610684 SB07Apr64 Barendregt
F-102A USAF 431 FIS 60980        with full 431st tail scheme (delivery to 32 FIS )


Soesterberg AB 08/04/1964 
F-102A  USAF 32 FIS 61027, 61028, 61013, 53447, 53445
TF-102A   USAF 32 FIS 41370
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF 325 Sq N-222, N-252, N-263, N-232, N-202 all with 324 sqn.emblem ; and N-282, N-266 both ex 324 now with 325 sqn emblem
T-33A  USAF 32 FIS O-35035
T-33A  RNethAF   M-29
Harvard  RNethAF   B-84, B-184
F-84F   RNethAF   P-239, P-105, P-173, P-214
F-84F WGAF JaBoG-34 DD-103, DD-240, DD-251, DD-254 
C-47A    USAF 36 TFW O-15619    scheme + dayglow
T-39A USAF 48 TFW 24474 


Soesterberg AB 10/04/1964 
F-102A  USAF 32 FIS 60993, 60996, 61014 (IR), 53438, 53445, 60987
TF-102A   USAF 32 FIS O-41363
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-220, N-262, N-274, N-282, N-277, N-213, N-212, N-219, N-279, N-202 no emblem ; and N-232  with 324 sqn.emblem
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-312
T-33A   USAF 32 FIS 34958
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-15
U-6A RNethAF   S-2
U-7B RNethAF   R-136, R-161
Harvard T6 RNethAF   B-183
Alouette 2 RNethAF   H-7 dayglow
H-23B RNethAF   O-13
F-27M RNethAF 334 Sq C-8
T-29B USAF 7101 ABW O-15169
-     -
Meteor F8 RNethAF   I-187
Vickers Viking     G-AGRU   Channel Airways  , on display along Amersfoortsestraatweg , in use as Restaurant


Soesterberg AB 13/04/1964 
F-102A  USAF 32 FIS 61002, 61028, 60977, 60987, 60996, 61006, 61027, 61042, 53438, 53418, 61014 (IR) ; and 60980 (IR) with grey tail and red/white/blue airbrake
TF-102A  USAF 32 FIS 41370 
Hunter FMk6   RNethAF  325 Sq N-268, N-202, N-252 no emblem, N-212, N-219, N-262, N-266, N-216, N-280, N-271, N-264, N-279, N-282, N-213, N-277, N-265, N-218, N-274;  and   N-232, N-222 both with 325 sqn.emblem (ex 324)
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-312, N-306
T-33A   USAF 32 FIS 34958
T-33A   RNethAF   M-55, M-16, M-27, M-45, M-28, M-11, M-2, M-9  ;   and M-49 (USAF scheme still visible)
Harvard  RNethAF   B-183, B-184, B-197
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-20, L-19, L-15
U-7B  RNethAF   R-182
T-33A  WGAF   EA-394    AKG51 emblem 
CF-104G  RCAF   606
C-131A  USAF 7310 ABW O-25788    no dayglow 
C-124C   USAF 63 TCW O-20980    no dayglow
T-33A USAF 317 TCW O-35425    no scheme


Soesterberg AB 14/04/1964 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 60982 (IR), 61027 (IR), 60996 (IR), 61042, 61006, 53447 (IR)
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-277, N-274, N-222, N-232, N-213, N-219, N-266, N-212, N-271, N-282   325 sqn.emblem, N-283 no emblem
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-305, N-312
T-33A  RNethAF   M-41, M-53
Harvard  RNethAF   B-183, B-184, B-3
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-15, L-20
U-7B  RNethAF   R-175
H-23B RNethAF   O-3, O-19 dayglow
F-104G  WGAF JG71 JA-231, JA-120     JG71 embl 
ET-29C  USA FAA N244    (52-1142)
T-29A USAF 7030 CSW O-91941   dayglow 
U-8D USArmy   83073 


Soesterberg AB 15/04/1964 
F-102A  USAF 32 FIS 61006, 61028, 61013, 60987, 61002, 60982, 53445, 53456, 53438
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF 325 Sq N-282, N-273
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-305
Harvard  RNethAF   B-184
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-12, L-20, L-7
U-6A RNethAF   S-9
U-7B  RNethAF   R-126
F-86K  RNethAF   Q-283
ET-29C USA FAA N244   (52-1142)
T-33A  USAF 317 TCW O-35425    no scheme
F-84F   FAF EC-01  29007   I-EB (528) ,  29098   I-EL (543)     



Soesterberg AB 16/04/1964 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 60980, 61028, 61027, 53456, 53444, 53447
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF 325 Sq N-262, N-268, N-212, N-270, N-252 no embl, N-283, N-271, N-202, N-252, N-277
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-304, N-305
T-33A   RNethAF   M-102
Harvard  RNethAF   B-169, B-184, B-178
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-7
U-6A RNethAF   S-2, S-4
F-27M RNethAF 334 Sq C-6
F-86K  RNethAF   Q-900
TF-104G  RNethAF   D-5808
F-104G  RNethAF   D-8058


Soesterberg AB 17/04/1964 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 61029
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF 325 Sq N-289
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-15, L-20
F-86K RNethAF   Q-900, Q-246, Q-877, Q-350, Q-278
Noratlas  WGAF   GN-102 
Mystere B2 FAF EC-3/12 12-ZH,  12-ZI,  12-ZN,   12-ZJ       (stayed untill 19/04)   


Soesterberg AB 20/04/1964 
F-102A  USAF 32 FIS 53438, 53444, 53456, 53445, 60993, 60996, 61029, 61042
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-264, N-283, N-277, N-222, N-202, N-270, N-279, N-268
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-312
T-33A USAF 32 FIS 34958
T-33A RNethAF   M-55
Harvard  RNethAF   B-183, B-184
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-20, L-15, L-7
F-86K RNethAF 700 Sq the following were seen on base with others : Q-877  and  Q-278 
ET-29C  USA FAA N244    (52-1142)


Soesterberg AB 21/04/1964 
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-279, N-277
T-33A  RNethAF   M-8, M-1
Harvard  RNethAF   B-183, B-169
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-7
H-23B RNethAF   O-32, O-17
ET-29C  USA FAA N244    (52-1142)


Soesterberg AB 22/04/1964 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 61028, 60987, 60996, 61002, 53445
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-220, N-213, N-279, N-219
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-305, N-302
T-33A USAF 32 FIS O-29833   with red/white/blue painted tail ( newly assigned)
Harvard  RNethAF   B-184, B-8
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-7, L-19
U-6A RNethAF   S-4
U-7B  RNethAF   R-117, R-152, R-174
H-23B RNethAF   O-23
F-86K  RNethAF   Q-257 (arrived, to stay) , Q-875  (left Soesterberg later this day) F86K Q875 Q257 22Apr64 NIMH  
G-91R WGAF AG 54 ED-249, ED-247, ED-246, ED-243 


Soesterberg AB 25/04/1964 
RB-66 USAF   xxxxx


Soesterberg AB 27/04/1964 
U-7B  RNethAF   R-156
F-86K  RNethAF   Q-257    in storage on base near the two Hunter T.7also in storage
Anson   RAF   PH815 


Soesterberg AB 28/04/1964 
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-7
H-23B RNethAF   O-12
Meteor T.. RAF   WL378 


Soesterberg AB 29/04/1964 
F-102A   USAF 32 FIS 60980, 61027, 61028, 60986, 61002, 60977, 60987, 53444, 53456
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sq N-276
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-304, N-301
T-33A RNethAF   M-11, M-1
Harvard  RNethAF   B-183, B-158, B-135, B-8
U-7B  RNethAF   R-160

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