Movements December 1962


            photo 60993  taken in Dec62 F102A 560993 SBcaDec62 coll BFaasse


 Soesterberg AB  04/12/1962 
 F-102A    USAF  32 FIS  60977 , 61043 both for first time seen with droptanks ; and 60982, 60987, 60993, 61028  
 TF-102A   USAF  32 FIS  41363 with droptanks 
 Hunter FMk6  RNethAF  325 sq  N-272, N-204, N-247, N-253, N-238, N-234, N-284, N-265
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-318, N-315, N-313
 T-33A     RNethAF    M-38, M-9, M-44
 Harvard   RNethAF    B-156
 Fokker S-14   RNethAF    L-16, L-6, L-7
 T-33A    USAF   496 FIS  35035  blue/yellow/blue/yellow tail   



 Soesterberg AB  08/12/1962 
 Hunter FMk.6  RNethAF  325 Sq  N-207, N-281



 Soesterberg AB  12/12/1962 
 F-102A    USAF  32 FIS  60973       crashed   1  1/4 miles East of Soesterberg  (during approach in fog conditions)
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF   for the first time a GAR8 Sidewinder (later called AIM-9) was attached to the aircraft wing



 Soesterberg AB  13/12/1962 
 F-102A  USAF  32 FIS  61029, 61028
 Hunter FMk6  RNethAF  325 sq  N-205, N-213, N-276, N-271, N-249 
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-304
 T-33A  RNethAF    M-9
 Harvard   RNethAF    B-158
 Alouette 2  RNethAF    H-7
 RF-84F    RNethAF    P-4, P-15
 F-104G  WGAF    BB-379 
 T-33A    USAF  496 FIS  80459   no paint ; and   35035    blue/yellow/blue/yellow tail   
 KC-135A  USAF  1001 ABW  53126 dayglow 
 F-102A     USAF  526 FIS  61214, 61237     both   red/white/red/white tail 

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