Movements July 1955

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Soesterberg AB   08/07/1955     credit :  R.vdMije and J. Slooff
Meteor F8 RNethAF   xxxx  (3x)
C-47 RNethAF   ZU-4
C-119G USAF 60 TCW, 10 TCS 38141  (based at Dreux AB, Fr.)

Soesterberg AB   09/07/1955      credit :  R.vdMije and J. Slooff
F-86F USAF 406 FIW, 512 FDS 25284 
Meteor F8 RNethAF   7E-5  
Meteor T7 RNethAF   I-8
Harvard RNethAF   B-133

Soesterberg AB   11/07/1955        credit :  R.vdMije and J. Slooff
T-33A USAF 406 FIW, 512 FDS 18974
F-84G RNethAF   TA-2


Soesterberg AB   12/07/1955       credit :  R.vdMije and J. Slooff
Domini RNethAF   xxx


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