Movemenst unknown month 1961



Soesterberg AB unknown month /1961 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 61042, 61028, 61032, 61002, 60987
T-33A USAF 32 FIS 35145
Harvard RNethAF   B-72
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-6, L-7, L-8
U-6A RNethAF   S-9
U-7B RNethAF   R-177


Soesterberg AB unknown month /1961 
T-33 USAF 32 FIS 35145
F-27M RNethAF   C-3, C-8
Sabre WGAF ??   304
T-33A USAF unit? TR-134    (prob. wrong serial)
C-130A USAF 314 TCW 60499


Soesterberg AB unknown month /1961 
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF   N-241, N-213, N-238, N-266, N-250, N-258, N-227, N-274, N-269, N-259, N-218, N-297, N-277
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-314, N-308
T-33A USAF 32 FIS 35139


Soesterberg AB unknown month /1961 
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF   N-247, N-244, N-211, N-205, N-289, N-271, N-277, N-262, N-281, N-225
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-307, N-316
C-119G RBelgAF   OT-CBE   25 
C-130A USAF 317 ABG 60547


Soesterberg AB unknown month /1961                    POSSIBLY  16/05/61       because of JB-115 - see  16 May61
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 61014, 61042, 61002, 61028, 60987 ; and 61046   in colors 431st FIS (on temp. assignment to 32 FIS)
Can.Sabre WGAF   JB-115


Soesterberg AB  unknown month /1961 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 61002, 60973, 60982, 61029
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF   N-228, N-224, N-215, N-277, N-204, N-227, N-218, N-236, N-207, N-244
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-316, N-318
Harvard  RNethAF   B-69
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-3, L-7
T-33A USAF 32 FIS 14382


Soesterberg AB unknown month /1961 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 61043
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF   N-215, N-211, N-277, N-216, N-225, N-251, N-235, N-222, N-231, N-244, N-229, N-266, N-240, N-257, N-264, N-271, N-269, N-262, N-234
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-317, N-313, N-310
T-33A RNethAF   M-38
Harvard RNethAF   B-119, B-72, B-29, B-69, B-160, B-59
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-6, L-7
F-27M RNethAF   C-8, C-1, C-5


Soesterberg AB unknown month /1961 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 61029, 60985, 60973, 61002, 60987, 61028
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF   N-207, N-254, N-202, N-285, N-265, N-228, N-243, N-258, N-220, N-234, N-262, N-264, N-250, N-222, N-213
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-307, N-310
T-33A USAF 32 FIS 35145
Harvard  RNethAF   B-160, B-169, B-9
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-12, L-20
F-27M RNethAF   C-12, C-4
F-84F RNethAF   P-151, P-111
C-131A USAF 7167 ATS 25805 
C-47 USAF unit ? O-00883   (wrong serial)


Soesterberg AB unknown month /1961 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 60985, 60996, 60987, 60977, 61021 ; and 61046 (431st FIS colors, on temp.assignment to 32nd )
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF   N-238, N-284, N-285, N-213, N-222, N-267, N-241, N-256, N-202, N-236, N-255 
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-307, N-313
T-33A USAF 32 FIS 35145
F-84F RNethAF   P-124
C-54G USAF 7310 ABW O-50484
C-54G USAF 2851 ABW O-50580   AFLC  (Kelly AFB)


Soesterberg AB unknown month /1961 
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 61032, 60993, 61043, 61042
Hunter FMk6  RNethAF   N-298, N-274, N-225, N-222, N-237, N-251, N-235, N-262, N-271, N-219, N-284, N-247, N-271, N-256, N-289, N-275, N-287, N-211, N-236
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-317, N-307
T-33A USAF 32 FIS 35145, 35139
T-33A RNethAF   M-33
Harvard RNethAF   B-67, B-72, B-79, B-171
Fokker S-14  RNethAF   L-7, L-13, L-9
U-6A RNethAF   S-5
F-27     PH-PBF
T-33A USAF 50 TFW 54419


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