Movements August 1960

Soesterberg AB 16/08/1960 
F-100C USAF 32 FIS 41885, 41890 last 32nd FIS F-100C left Soesterberg and returned to the USA



Soesterberg AB 23/08/1960
Hunter T7 RNethAF   N-320  and N-308 with "81" in white on a black square *
T-6 Harvard RNethAF   B-30


    *   During this month, August 1960,   N-308 flew with "81" and N-316 flew with "83"  HunterTMk7 N316 83 EBay Owarimasu auctions  on the aft fuselage,

         which was in connection with the Air Rally , organized by the International Championships for Military Jet Pilots.



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