Movements April 1961

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All  movements on this page were gained from official RNethAF documents ; the listing represents the cross-servicing (visiting) aircraft  - thanks to and researched by R.Breur ,
however, for 05Apr and 06Apr extra serials were gained from the photos


Soesterberg AB 04/04/1961
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-314
F-84F WGAF   DE-120, DE-368



Soesterberg AB 05/04/1961         PHOTOS
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 60993 , 61044
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 325 Sqn N-210 , N-285 , N-268 , N-271
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 326 Sqn N-281   , N-228     
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-314
Harvard RNethAF   B-x7
Javelin FAW5 RAF 5 Sqn XA704  J , XA699  C
Javelin FAW5 RAF 11 Sqn XA632  A , XA765  D
Hunter FMk6 RBelgAF 7Wg, 7Smd IF-68 , IF-16 , IF-79 , IF-24
CanSabre Mk6 WGAF   JB-231 , JB-233 , JB-237 , JB-241
Magister WGAF   AA-186 , AA-189


Soesterberg AB 06/04/1961           PHOTOS
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 61029
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF 322 Sqn N-202 , N-245
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-306
Beaver RNethAF   S-x
Javelin FAW5 RAF 5 Sqn XA704 J , XA699 C
Javelin FAW5 RAF 11 Sqn XA720 - , XA723 H
Mystere IVA FAF   2-GD 189 , 2-GJ ,  2-GK  237 , 2-GI
CanSabre Mk6 WGAF   JB-233 , JB-231 , JB-237 , JB-241
CanSabre Mk6 RCAF 439 Sq 23689 , 23570 , 23572 ,  23554
Piaggio149 WGAF   JB-391


Soesterberg AB 07/04/1961
Hunter FMk4 RNethAF   N-142
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-314
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-3



Soesterberg AB 10/04/1961
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-314



Soesterberg AB 12/04/1961
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-315 , N-304
T-33A RNethAF   M-34



Soesterberg AB 13/04/1961
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 61044  F102A 561044 accident 13Apr61 BillSnell  collided with Hunter FMk6  N-260 (326 sqn) during a night interception flight - the Hunter crashed, 61044 returned with a damaged left wing.   
--- See accident report            (source : page 60  "KLu Crash Archief" , Flash Publication)  ;
Hunter FMk6  N-205  of 325 Sq was also involved in this mission
Hunter FMk4 RNethAF   N-146
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-16



Soesterberg AB 14/04/1961 
Hunter FMk4 RNethAF   N-102
Can.Sabre RCAF 434 Sq 23742, 23460



Soesterberg AB 17/04/1961
Hunter FMk4 RNethAF   N-102, N-167
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-304
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-10
Magister WGAF   AA-218, AA-219
Magister WGAF   AA-220, AA-168, AA-233



Soesterberg AB 18/04/1961 
Hunter FMk4 RNethAF   N-103, N-167
Hunter FMk6 RNethAF   N-251, N-242, N-257, N-293, N-246
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-314
Can.Sabre RCAF 434 Sq 23710, 23465
Can.Sabre RCAF   23480, 23477



Soesterberg AB 19/04/1961
F-102A USAF 32 FIS 60986, 60973, 60996, 61021 (credit M. de Haan)
T-33A RNethAF   M-29
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-16
Harvard RNethAF   B-121



Soesterberg AB 20/04/1961 
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-305
T-33A RNethAF   M-38



Soesterberg AB 21/04/1961
Hunter TMk7 RNethAF   N-304
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-8



Soesterberg AB 24/04/1961
T-33A RNethAF   M-39



Soesterberg AB 25/04/1961
Hunter FMk4 RNethAF   N-167
Magister WGAF   AA-294



Soesterberg AB 26/04/1961
T-33A RNethAF   M-39



Soesterberg AB 28/04/1961
Fokker S-14 RNethAF   L-17, L-10


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