Movements February 1963



Soesterberg AB 06/02/1963
      19Aug53 First GCA run ; 08Nov58 the 25000th GCA run ; 09Sep60 the 40000th GCA run ;  25Oct61  50000th GCA run ; 06Feb63  60000th GCA run 



 Soesterberg AB  20/02/1963 
 F-102A      USAF  32 FIS  60982, 60986, 60996, 60987, 61028 
 Hunter FMk4  RNethAF    N-149
 Hunter FMk6   RNethAF  325 Sq  N-276, N-212, N-205
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-302, N-318, N-316
 T-33A    RNethAF    M-12
 Harvard     RNethAF    B-125
 Fokker  S-14  RNethAF    L-17, L-7
 C-47A  USAF  36 TFW  O-24178    red/blue/yel band


 Soesterberg AB  21/02/1963 
 Fokker S-14  RNethAF    L-20    nosewheel collapsed in front of Hangar 2, after engine was shutdown after flight   (source : page 79  "KLu Crash Archief" , Flash Publication)  


 Soesterberg AB  28/02/1963 
 F-102A  USAF  32 FIS 61028, 60993, 61013, 60985, 61027, 61044, 60982 ; and 53456 with red/white/blue painted tail , new assignment to 32nd ; and 53447 with 431 FIS color scheme (delivered to 32 FIS from temporary assignment to 525th ; it flew for 32 FIS in colors of 431th until October 1963)
 Hunter FMk6   RNethAF  325 Sq  N-255, N-238*, N-213, N-265*, N-272*, N-262*, N-212* those marked * : flew with sidewinder
 Hunter TMk7  RNethAF    N-304
 T-33A   USAF  32 FIS  34958    new 32nd assignment with red/white/blue painted tail
 Harvard   RNethAF    B-91, B-8, B-50, B-71
 Fokker S-14  RNethAF    L-10, L-17
 Can.Sabre  WGAF  JG71  JA-243, JA-241        both  with "R"  
 U-1A  USArmy    53301 
 T-33A  USAF  7101 ABW  29871    with tail paint red/white/r/w/r/w stripes on tail 
 TF-102A  USAF  525 FIS  62331    blue/white/blue/white painted tail    (ferried the pilot of 53447 back to Bitburg) 

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