Movements April 1959

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Soesterberg AB   01/04/1959    "Nationale Jeugdluchtvaartdag"     PHOTOS   credit nationaal Archief
F-100C USAF 32nd TFS FW-884   (54-1884)
Hunter RNethAF   xxx     take-off   of 12 aircraft
T-33A RNethAF   TP-38  M-38  55-4951
PBM-5A Mariner RNethNavy   16-301
TBM-3S2 Avenger RNethNavy    31
Seahawk RNethNavy   xxx
Neptune RNethNavy   xxx
F-84F RNethAF   xxx  take-off with JATO-bottles
Meteor RNethAF   I-176  in non flyable condition



Soesterberg AB   02/04/1959   "Nationale Jeugdluchtvaartdag" 
aircraft     see  01/04/1959



Soesterberg AB   15/04/1959
F-100C USAF 32nd TFS xxx
C-47 RNethAF 334 Sq ZU-4  cammy


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