F-4E serials    32nd TFS      1969 -1978

 32nd TFS, 17th AF  as of  01 July 1969


  Serial Delivery date Official del.date AFHRA records Left 32nd Pictures To
F-4E 68-0401 6-Aug-1969 7-Aug-1969 10-Jul-1973 680401_HScharringa to Getafe-Ramstein
F-4E 68-0405 6-Aug-1969 8-Aug-1969 20-Jan-1975 1_80405_CVermolen.JPG to Getafe
F-4E 68-0408 3-Mar-1970 2-Mar-1970 27-Jan-1975 1_68408CR_Coll_HScharringa to Getafe - Bitburg
F-4E 68-0411 20-Sep-1969 22-Sep-1969 13-Jan-1975 3_680411CR_ETammer_EHSB 1970 to Bitburg
F-4E 68-0412 11-Oct-1969 14-Oct-1969 18-Dec-1974 1_80412_HScharringa.JPG to Bitburg
F-4E 68-0413 20-Sep-1969 22-Sep-1969 9-Dec-1974 2_68413_HScharringa.JPG to Getafe
F-4E 68-0422 4-Oct-1969 6-Oct-1969 14-Nov-1969   crashed approx one half mile on final Aviano AB, Italy   F4E 680422 Aviano 14Nov69 coll Scharringa4
F-4E 68-0426 26-Oct-1969 31-Oct-1969 27-Jun-1972 1_68426CR_Unkn.JPG to Torrejon for overhaul
F-4E 68-0433 18-Oct-1969 14-Oct-1969 21-Jun-1971 5_CR68433_USAF crashed near Maurik, Neth
F-4E 68-0438 23-Oct-1969 29-Oct-1969 8-Nov-1973 1_68438CR_USAF.JPG to Hill - Ramstein
F-4E 68-0440 23-Oct-1969 29-Oct-1969 10-Mar-1974 2_68 0440CR_032 TFS_Unkn to Hill - Hahn
F-4E 68-0441 26-Oct-1969 30-Oct-1969 5-Sep-1973 2_68441_HScharringa.JPG to Getafe - Ramstein
F-4E 68-0442 23-Oct-1969 27-Oct-1969 29-Nov-1974 2_80442_Coll_HScharringa to Getafe
F-4E 68-0443 23-Oct-1969 27-Oct-1969 18-Dec-1974 3_68443CR_032 TFS_HScharringa to Getafe
F-4E 68-0444 18-Oct-1969 14-Oct-1969 19-Dec-1974 2_68444CR_F 4E_nose only_HScharringa to Getafe
F-4E 68-0445 11-Oct-1969 13-Oct-1969 23-Jan-1975 3_68445CR_032 TFS_F 4E_HScharringa  to Getafe - Bitburg
F-4E 68-0446 4-Nov-1969 8-Nov-1969 29-Oct-1973 68 0446 CR F 4E 39 MC 32 TFS_ETammer to Getafe - Ramstein
F-4E 68-0447 04-Oct-1969 8-Oct-1969 24-Sep-1973 4_68447_USAF.JPG to Getafe - Ramstein
F-4E 68-0452 4-Nov-1969 7-Nov-1969 29-Nov-1973 2_68452CR_032 TFS_F 4E_HScharringa to Getafe - Ramstein
F-4E 69-7558 26-Feb-1971 4-Mar-1971 31-Jan-1975 3_697558CR_JtBrinke.JPG to Getafe - Bitburg
F-4E 68-0388 13-Aug-1971 13-Aug-1971 23-Dec-1974 68388CR_HScharringa.JPG to Bitburg - 36 TFW
F-4E 67-0259 18-Jul-1974 17-Jul-1974 07-Jan-1975   to Bitburg - 36 TFW
F-4E 68-0321 01-Dec-1971 17-Dec-1971 29-Aug-1972   to Torrejon-401 TFW
F-4E 68-0370 30-Oct-1975 30-Oct-1975 18-May-1976   to Hahn-50 TFW
F-4E 68-0384 30-Dec-1974 29-Dec-1974 2-Sep-1976   to Getafe
F-4E 68-0404 28-Jan-1975 28-Jan-1975 seen up to 28Apr76   to Hahn-50 TFW
F-4E 68-0507 21-Jan-1975 21-Jan-1975 23-Jul-1976 1_68507CR_HScharringa.JPG to Getafe
F-4E 68-0513 9-Dec-1974 8-Dec-1974 31-May-1976 1_68 0513_ETammer to Hahn-50 TFW
F-4E 68-0516 29-Nov-1974 28-Nov-1974 31-May-1976   to Hahn-50 TFW
F-4E 68-0528 31-Oct-1974 29-Dec-1974 31-May-1976   to Hahn-50 TFW
F-4E 68-0529 20-Dec-1974 19-Dec-1974 18-May-1976   to Hahn-50 TFW
F-4E 68-0534 18-Jan-1975 18-Jan-1975 31-May-1976   to Hahn-50 TFW
F-4E 68-0538 3-Mar-1974 2-Mar-1974 16-Jan-1975   to Getafe - Bitburg
F-4E 69-0237 28-Nov-1973 28-Nov-1973 18-Nov-1974   to Getafe
F-4E 69-0239 28-Nov-1973 28-Nov-1973 29-Nov-1974 69 0239CR_HScharringa.JPG to Getafe
F-4E 69-0246 11-Sep-1973 25-Oct-1973 2-Jul-1974   to Getafe - Hahn
F-4E 69-0249 19-Mar-1974 18-Mar-1974 25-Nov-1974   to Bitburg - 36 TFW
F-4E 69-0253 05Apr76   last seen 14 Apr76   from Getafe, first seen 05Apr76, with CR and 36 TFW emblem ;  24-Apr-1976 to George- 35 TFW
F-4E 69-0254 11-Sep-1973 15-Oct-1973 6-Apr-1976   to Getafe
F-4E 69-0260 02-Feb-1976 2-Feb-1976 31-May-1976 69 0260CR_HScharringa to Hahn-50 TFW
F-4E 69-0263 11-Sep-1973 18-Oct-1973 9-Dec-1974   to Bitburg - 36 TFW
F-4E 69-0264 7-Jan-1975 7-Jan-1975 31-May-1976   to Hahn-50 TFW
F-4E 69-0265 9-Nov-1974 24-Nov-1974 29-May-1976 69265CR_HScharringa to George-35 TFW
F-4E 69-0266 25-Jan-1975 25-Jan-1975 15-Sep-1975 69266_HScharringa.JPG crashed, shortly after take-off WittmundhafenAB, Germ
F-4E 69-0267 18-Dec-1974 28-Nov-1974 seen up to 28Apr76   to George-35 TFW
F-4E 69-0275 9-Nov-1974 8-Nov-1974 6-Apr-1976   to George-35 TFW
F-4E 69-0283 21-Nov-1974 5-Dec-1974 27-Apr-1976 2_69283_SWilson.JPG to Moody-347TFW
F-4E 69-0306 9-Dec-1974 1-Jan-1975 23-Apr-1976   to Moody-347TFW
F-4E 69-7214 29-Nov-1974 28-Nov-1974 9-Apr-1976   to George-35 TFW
F-4E 74-0650 22-Mar-1976 22-Mar-1976 4-Aug-1978   to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-0652 22-Mar-1976 22-Mar-1976 2-Oct-1978   to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-0653 18-Mar-1976 18-Mar-1976 3-Jan-1978   to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-0654 18-Mar-1976 18-Mar-976 10-Oct-1978   to Spangdahlem-52TFW
F-4E 74-0656 20-Apr-1976 04-May-1976 6-Oct-1978   to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-0657 22-Mar-1976 22-Mar-1976 1-Sep-1978   to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-0659 15-Apr-1976 04-May-1976 4-Aug-1978   to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-0660 15-Apr-1976 04-May-1976 8-Sep-1978   to Spangdahlem-52TFW
F-4E 74-0663 28-Apr-1976 29-Apr-1976 7-Sep-1978   to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-0664 28-Apr-1976 29-Apr-1976 1-Sep-1978   to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-1041 11-May-1976 14-May-1976 30-Dec-1977 4_741041CR_F 4E_Coll_HScharringa to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-1044 28-May-1976 28-May-1976 last seen 25Aug77   to Hahn-50TFW
F-4E 74-1045 14-May-1976 14-May-1976 7-Sep-1978   to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-1046 28-May-1976 28-May-1976 6-Oct-1978 1_74046CR_032 TFS_HScharringa to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-1047 28-May-1976 28-May-1976 8-Sep-1978   to Spangdahlem-52TFW
F-4E 74-1048 28-May-1976 28-May-1976 4-Aug-1978 74 1048CR.JPG to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-1049 28-May-1976 28-May-1976 11-Aug-1978   to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-1050 18-Jun-1976 19-Jun-1976 6-Oct-1978 1_74050CR_F 4E_JWDionet to Spangdahlem-52TFW
F-4E 74-1051 28-May-1976 28-May-1976 29-Aug-1977 2_74051_HScharringa.JPG crashed North of Terschelling, Neth
F-4E 74-1052 10-Jun-1976 10-Jun-1976 11-Aug-1978 74 1052CR_F 4E_Unkn to Ramstein-86TFW
F-4E 74-1053 18-Jun-1976 19-Jun-1976 8-Sep-1978 4_74053CR_HScharringa to Spangdahlem-52TFW
F-4E 74-1054 28-Jun-1976 28-Jun-1976 6-Oct-1978 2_74054CR_HScharringa.JPG to Spangdahlem-52TFW
F-4E 74-1055 18-Jun-1976 19-Jun-1976 1-Dec-1976   to Ramstein-86TFW


Researched  by  J.D. Ragay and G.H.J. Scharringa , based on information from USAF Indiv.Aircraft History Records (AFHRA)


NOTE:  some sources (i.a. Forum modelbouwers.nl ) list the following as assigned to the 32nd :  69-0259, 69-0268, 74-0649, 74-0651, 74-0661, 74-0662, 74-0665, 74-0666 and 74-1040. Non of these were ever assigned to Soesterberg AB. Of the FY74 aircraft only 0662 flew for USAFE, the others never went to Europe.


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